Campus edge

The complete “end to end” solution for Educational Institutions

What is Campus edge?

Campus edge is all-in-one software for easy and efficient campus management with its 100% cloud, effortless, dynamic and affordable operational solution for schools, colleges & institutions. Campus Edge comes with different functional utilities, you can choose its module’s according to your campus need, as it comes with full package or a single module, customized combination of modules or you can purchase single ale-crate from the product list.
  • E-Enquiry
  • E-Admission
  • E-Accountant
  • E-Inventory Manager
  • E-Planner
  • E-Attendance Tracker
  • E-HR Manager
  • E-Payroll manager
  • E-Library
  • E-Examination
  • E-Cyber
  • E-Location

Campus Edge accelerating innovation in education

Campus edge, a 100% cloud, easy, dynamic and affordable management solution for institutions,  enabling the educational institutions to more effectively manage operations and communicate with its employees and students through a variety of media formats. We have thrived with our services appreciated by our prestigious clients.

Easy installation & Data Maintenance

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy maintenance of staff and student directory services
  • Help to Connect Teachers, Students and Parents with data
  • Completely equipped Finance, logistics and Asset management modules

Innovative Technology

An effortless user interface provides higher data sharing capability, Campus edge techno revolution commitment does not only includes this, moreover the latest add-on’s & bug fixes gives the endless access to heavy data exchanges, E-Admission module is re-structured with a quick and easy response capability. All modules are now integrated with this features for a change. The campus edge has the pre structured interface design for the mobile users over the cloud database sharing.

Powerful Management Tool

Campus edge has been using a new initiative to increase attendance for its service consumers in schools and colleges, with positive results. Campus edge also provided professional development for teachers and staff as keeping an automated surveillance on regular attendance that keeps a track record on student and staff both attendances. The attendance plan had three major components: Biometric terminal, a data-tracking system known as an E – Attendance tracker, a rewards program which helps in chronic absenteeism intervention.

Campus Edge.The most advanced Campus Management Software ever.

24X7 Dedicated Support

“We are there to take care of all campus edge related issues you face each time.” With us, you get fully integrated solutions with Web-based e-learning and constituent service systems supported by first-class professional services.

Custom Reports

Customize reports as per your need, It allows users to easily organize, format, and maintain reports, with Automated filters allows you to filter the detail you don’t want to see in report.

Multiple Franchise

Campus edge has this option for using the same licensed module in different college/school franchisee synchronizing the data input in main head unit and reflecting it on franchisee systems.

User Friendly

With its user-friendly interface the installation & Operation is actually simple and well documented with a ease of few clicks and scrolls.

We have thrived with our services appreciated by our prestigious clients.

  • 100+ Customize Reports
  • Cloud-Based Data Sharing
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Biometric technology, Data Security
  • Frequent SMS alerts
  • Customized Approach
  • 24X7 Support, Go Green concept
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